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Collateral Squirtage (Graven Moorehead) [2019 г., Lesbians, Family Roleplay, Taboo, WEB-DLRip] piratbit.pw

Collateral Squirtage через торрент piratbit.pw

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Collateral Squirtage
Год выпуска: 2019
Страна: США
Жанр: Lesbians, Family Roleplay, Taboo
Продолжительность: 00:36:11

Режиссер: Graven Moorehead

В ролях: Adriana Chechik, Elexis Monroe

Описание: Elexis Monroe is cleaning up, wiping the kitchen counter when something on the floor catches her eye. She bends down to get a closer look at it. It is a small puddle of clear liquid. Hmmm, she says to herself, puzzled. Why would there be a wet spot HERE? Is the fridge leaking? she wonders aloud to herself, inspecting the floor around it. Nope, the fridge seems fine. She looks back down and her eyes widen when she sees another puddle a few feet away, in another spot closer to the end of the kitchen. Could the roof be leaking...? She looks up, her eyes scanning across the roof. No water damage, doesn't SEEM like it's the roof, she says to herself. Her eyes follow the direction of the two puddles out of the kitchen and her jaw drops slightly as she sees something. She gets up and scurries out of the kitchen, her eyes glued to a spot down the hall. Elexis notices another puddle and goes to it, following the puddles like a trail. She smells it and tastes it, then notices another one in front of a closed bedroom door, her daughter Adriana Chechik's bedroom. Elexis looks at the door, narrowing her eyes in thought. She lightly knocks on the door but doesn't wait for an answer and starts to swing the door open as she talks. 'Honey, any idea why they are some wet spo---' Elexis begins to say, but she's cut off when Adriana shouts out from the interior. 'M-Mom, close the door!' Adriana is on the bed, legs thrown back over her head, frantically masturbating. She gasps in shock and regret as she feels the pressure building up inside of her. 'O-oh no-!' she's in the middle of saying, not even able to finish by the time a gushing spray of squirt fluid shoots out of her and towards the door. Elexis doesn't even have time to react as a stream of clear liquid splashes into her face. Elexis is in utter shock, spitting the liquid out from her mouth and wiping it out of her eyes with her hands. WHAT IS...?? Elexis asks. Adriana's pussy is dripping wet and there are damp spots all over the bedspread. She is panting and looks mortified, quickly sitting up and grabbing a pillow to hide her naked body from view. 'Mom, oh my GOD, I'm... I'm so sorry! Oh my god oh my god,' Adriana stammers. 'I can't even...oh my god I can't BELIEVE that just happened,' Adriana says. Here...here, take this, Adriana says, offering her t-shirt to Elexis. Elexis takes it wordlessly, drying her face with it. 'I'm so sorry, I just...I didn't know that I could do this, but when I...when I figured it out, I just...it feels SO good that I can't stop,' Adriana says. Elexis is silent, trying to gather herself. Please...say something! Adriana pleads. Elexis takes a deep breath, collecting herself. She sits down next to Adriana on the bed. Look, there's...there's NOTHING to be embarrassed about, Elexis says reassuringly. Touching yourself is...PERFECTLY natural, Elexis says. 'Especially for someone who's 19-years-old and just discovering her body like you are,' Elexis adds. Adriana seems to be relaxing, her embarrassment fading. Ok, well, she definitely feels better, Adriana says. And she's really sorry for um...squirting?...in her face, Adriana says with a bashful laugh. Yeah, not EXACTLY the type of greeting she expects when she knocks on her step-daughter's door, but it's ok, Elexis chuckles. It's just that...it felt so GOOD that she couldn't stop herself, Adriana responds, looking at Elexis with a flirtatious glint in her eye. Yeah, she COMPLETELY understands, Elexis says with a soft smile, gazing back at Adriana, the moment pleasantly tense. Can she ask Elexis a question? Adriana asks after a moment. Sure, Elexis responds. 'Does it...does it feel THAT good when...when someone else does it TO you?' Adriana asks, biting her lip. Honestly honey? It feels even BETTER, Elexis says, biting her lip now. Oh...well, maybe....Adriana trails off. What is it, honey? Elexis asks, laying her hand on Adriana's knee. 'Well, I was thinking that...that maybe you could SHOW me how it feels?' Adriana asks flirtatiously. Elexis grins. Oh honey...of course she could, Elexis says. Sometimes all it takes is a little collateral squirtage to bring mommy and daughter together

Качество: WEB-DLRip
Формат: MP4
Видео кодек: AVC
Аудио кодек: AAC
Видео: AVC, 852x480 , 23.9fps, 2112 Kbps
Аудио#1: AAC , 2 ch , 48,0 kHz , 128 kbps

pack Скачать Collateral Squirtage через торрент http://pic1.kartinco.top/images/12/g9cze.jpg Скачать фильм Collateral Squirtage через торрент бесплантно в хорошем качестве Описание: Elexis Monroe is cleaning up, wiping the kitchen counter when something on the floor catches her eye. She bends down to get a ... 9.7 10 6
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